Our Software and Systems


We have designed a number a hardware interface modules to work with our sensors, as well as Software and Systems. Each of these can be bought seperatley to work with your particular product or bought as a complete system for Research or for working with Patients.

Our software in particular is easily configrable to work with your or our hardware. Contact us for more details. Please click on the button below for details on our Software and Systems.


A number of sensors to measure Blood Volume, Respiration, Bioelectric Conductance, Galvanic Skin Response, Skin Temperature, surface electromyography, Electroencephalogram, and Electrocardiogram

Our Systems that Measures Upto 2 to 32 Sensors

Our Systems connect with a PC, Laptop or Tablet to Display Physiological Data using our supplied or client desinged Protocols for Patient Evaluation or Research.

AI Physiological Software

Our powerful yet easy to use software allows users to collect, display and store data using specific protocols for research or evaluation.

Use our VuTronics(tm) Software

For Automating Data Collection with Voice Prompts based Protocols and detailed and summary visual display of sensor data.

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