Our Physiological Sensors

We design and manufacture, surface Electromyography, Photoplethysmography, Bioelectric/Electrodermal Response, Respiration, Skin Temperature, Electroencephalogram, Electrocardiogram Sensors

Physiological Monitoring Systems

Our Systems are Chargeable Battery Operated for Portability, are Optically Isolated, and can monitor from 2 to 32 mix-modality sensors wired or wireless.

Our Software

Our Software Runs on PCs and Tablets, over a LAN or Internet, and has Multiuser Secure Admin and User Access. Data is stored locally or on a remote server.

Comes with several Evaluation Protocols that are User Configurable, and Voice Prompts based. Comes with Frequency/FFT and Time Domain analysis and displays. Raw and Processed data is available in ASCII to be analyzed with other software packages.

Software supports all of our sensors as well as user defined sensors without changing software code.

Our Mobile Apps

We produce Apps that provide an Evaluation or Treatment, and Consent to participate in Clinical Trials. Our current Apps are Binaural Beats, Health Diary, Blood Presssure Tracking, Headache Diary Evaluation and Treatment, and PelvicTron.

All of our apps come with "Feelings" measure, that helps consumer evaluate effectivess of our apps, and their Physical as well as Emotional health.